Thursday, July 26, 2012

How Geodes in Fashion?

Since then, their popularity among celebrities and designers alike has grown. These chunky accessories have remained hot topics for 2012 and remain relevant in forecasts of accessory trends for the near future.

Many of us have seen a piece of geode jewelry, but perhaps we are unfamiliar with the term. A geode is basically a hollow rock filled with crystals, commonly associated with desert regions. If you've ever visited one of our dryer states, chances are that you've encountered a geode in a local souvenir shop. Geodes have been used in various pagan rituals, however, are more commonly used to decorate fish tanks or as paperweights. Now, the hollowed rocks have been sliced and cut to create beautiful and unique rings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces of all sorts.

Quite a few retailers offer their geode creations to the world for purchase. Brooks Brothers presents a stunningly simple design for $78. A turquoise piece of microcrystal sits prettily surrounded in gold, while an additional tear drop of gold adds charm to the design. Guess offers matching rings, earrings, and a necklace. All have a similar design featuring "Guess" written in black on a gray nodule. Gems sit encrusted in gold in the very center of the geode, giving a little bit of sparkle to each piece. The necklace alone is priced at $125. Oscar de la Renta also offers a rich, jewel-toned necklace priced at $825. The necklace, set in gold, features gentle ruffle detailing that borders each nodule piece. Tiny gems have been strategically set at the border of each geode to add a little sparkle to the look.

Other designs include embellishments of gems, pearls, flowers, and sometimes rhinestone encrusted characters. seems to host a wide selection of handmade geode jewelry and for the bargain shopper, geode pieces set in sterling silver can be purchased off of eBay for as little as $7.99.

How to Wear... 
Geode pieces give an "earthy" feel to an outfit that oozes class and luxury. We have seen these accessories paired with evening gowns on the red carpet as well as with jeans and a tee to give a little spice to an otherwise ordinary ensemble.

Choose colors that are natural if opting for an imitation piece. Turquoises, pinks, purples, blues, and earth tones are some of the hues that nature created. If unsure, Google or Bing it!

Chunky pieces should be treated as statement pieces. These bulky and eye catching items should be worn with an outfit that is solid in color. Many designers pair geodes with like colors to give a monochromatic feel to the ensemble while others have gone with contrast. Nevertheless, a chunky piece of geode should be the focus of your outfit.

Smaller pieces can be worn with patterned shirts and tees to accentuate your style. These pieces feel a little less formal and can be layered with other metallic accessories. Monica Gellar - I mean Courtney Cox - does an excellent job sporting a printed tank with a simple geode hanging on a long gold necklace.

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