Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to Find Bras for Small Breasts?

Intentional or not, media -which include manufacturer advertising-- has portrayed that bigger breasts are more desirable than small or medium ones so women's preference for large breasts is quite commonplace. True or not, women with rather small breasts want to make them look bigger, if not actually larger, to conform to this 'ideal'. That is one reason bras for small breasts are popular. Where there is a need, there is a market for products, already made or not.

So what are the best bras for small breasts? Many women will automatically reply, 'push up bras', or maybe 'padded bras'. Both answers are often correct, but there are also bras made particularly for small breasts and not just minimized versions of the popular sizes. The latter bras do not consider the possible wearer's physique and other physical configurations, so that wearing that inappropriate bra often results in discomfort.

Hence the best bras for small breasts are those that fit the wearer as a bra should.

The problem is, like the others, in finding those bras.

To do that you need to take several steps. First is, have yourself measured. About 85% of women is said to use the wrong-size bra, mostly unintentionally because they did not know their sizes. So to get the correct bra for small breasts you must know your measurements.

Next, decide on what you want. Is it a push up bra? Push-inward? What padding: air, water, foam, gel? Or do you want a simple, no-frills bra that is nice and comfortable to wear all day? By knowing what you want you can narrow your search for your bra to only a few styles and brands, instead of looking over all available bras.

Check the designs you decided on, to imagine how they may fit you. Searching online is the quickest and simplest way, where you can see the pictures of bras for small breasts and their descriptions. Doing so will further narrow your search parameters and ease your efforts, as well as give you a glimpse of the possibilities bras for small breasts can give in terms of looks.

Understand the right way to put on a bra. Slip the bra on without hooking it, bend forward so your breasts hang down, and put your breasts into the cups, moving the bra as needed. Without straightening, close the clasp at the back, then straighten and adjust the band. It should be about midway between your elbows and shoulders and horizontal. You must be able to insert into the band only a finger or two, but the band should feel only snug, not tight.

Finally, go to the stores and test fit their available bras for small breasts in the designs you want. You must be comfortable wearing it even for a short time, since if not, it will be less comfortable in the longer run. Be sure to get the bras that flatter your breasts and physique, like the balconette design, and with just slight padding, since to make your breasts look two sizes bigger will be preposterous.

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