Thursday, July 5, 2012

Custom Made Handbags for Women

Although it may have only been a few minutes ago, do you remember grabbing your handbag, car keys, travel mug, climbing into your vehicle - SUV, CUV or just a plain old sedan - and heading off to work?

When you left the house, did you give your handbag much thought? Like most people, the answer probably is no. Whether your bag is really a Birkin or just a TJ Maxx special, it is important to you because it holds your entire life - in microcosm, of course - inside. Since it is so important, if you are considering a new handbag, make sure that it is up to any situation.


When the time arrived to make the purchase did you think about it in terms of longevity, good looks or cost? It's a legitimate question because: 
- A handbag that is poorly made won't last long; could find yourself with you "life story" spilling on the street or subway when some cheap seam let go. 
- A handbag that is better made will cost you more and it will provide more protection to the important items you keep inside. Such a handbag should have double-stitched seams, multiple compartments and will also feature a secure clasp. 
- A handbag that is unique or custom-made will be able to stand up to normal, daily use, as well as any abuse it may face from the daily jostle on the street car platform or the bus station where crowds are particularly thick and thin.

Once you get home, after a particularly trying train or bus ride, following a horrendous day at the office where your temper may be very worn, you should be sure that not only will your uniquely designed and custom-built handbags stand up to the train, bus or your temper, but that it will handle any indignities at home, brought on by a slowly slipping temper. Will it survive a 25-foot toss to a tabletop? Or, will it be up to a slam on a coffee table, followed by a quick flip to a couch or bed another 10 or 15 feet away? This makes a very good case for a custom handbag, doesn't it?

Specialty Bag Features

For example, if you purchase a custom-built bag, you will be happy with the choice. Bags made by custom manufacturers will not only take the daily use and abuse, but, at the same time, a well-made bag makes the owner feel happy. It would not be out of line to say that a custom-built bag will make the owner believe that the handbag was built especially for her arm.

Given the importance of finding the handbag that feels as if it has been made for you, here are some features to consider in your shopping. First, though the manufacturer may make thousands of handbags per day, the bag should still feel as if its manufacturer had made it just for you. It follows, that when you pick it up, it should feel as if it were made by a custom bag manufacturer just for you.

You must also look closely at:

- The seams - are they double-stitched and hand-finished or does it feel "thrown together?" 
- The seams be manufacture-red of quality materials and the finish work such as stitching must be high-quality, using a good leather and high-strength thread. 
- There are two seam stitching options, a chain stitch which is naturally stronger, although a double running stitch will also ensure a strong handbag base. 
- Look closely at the handbag's closure. The best closure results will be from a zippered bag where the zipper handle is tucked out of the way in its own enclosure. 
- Look at the quality of the closure mechanism. As discussed, a zippered, protected enclosure is best, however, if the manufacturer finished the bag as a fold-over with a magnetic clasp, the bag is still worth a close look as this is actually quite secure. The extra material and clasp will keep your valuables safe.

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