Thursday, September 13, 2012

4 Ways to Handle Your Modern Wedding Invitation Creation

But while the proposal was something more or less out of my control (all women have a few tricks in that area of course) the invitations were my chance to express my own individual and my personal feelings and excitement towards the big day. In honor of all the people who helped me through that process, and for everyone else looking at it for the first time, here are the major four ideas most people go with for their wedding invitation creation.

1. Getting a stock, preformatted invitation. I hesitate to write this, but if you are looking for invites that are cheap and fast, this is your option. The downsides? Always order samples first because you might not know whether or not what you order is the same quality as what you expect. Also, customization is what makes your invitation unique to you and your wedding-don't just pick a preformatted style and plug in your own words on a form.

2. Local custom creators. Visiting your local wedding expo you can often find semi-professional wedding invitation designers, many of whom work from home. Every individual is different and has different pricing, services, and availability-but the advantage is in the personal touches. Typically these individuals can find you the ink, paper, and create the images and accents that you are looking for so that your project can be totally unique.

3. Online creation. Big props to a for this one. Creating invitations online has never been easier, or more fun. Basically the technology has caught up with imagination so that you can easily use starting templates and formats, order samples to see if they are what you are interested in, and then customize EVERYTHING. Want different color ribbon? Done. Different ink? Same price. Need to change the wording or formatting? You can mess with the files as many times as you want before ordering and having the invites shipped to your local Michaels or to your home. The advantages are price, convenience, customization, and professional quality. The downside? You still have to stuff them all-but that's just how it goes for all wedding invites.

4. DIY wedding invitations. For those of us who are themselves rather crafty, do-it-yourself can be a great option for saving money and getting the exact results that you want without negotiation with a company or individual. The disadvantage would be time involved, as cutting, printing, and tying pieces together for even a hundred invitations can take days after you figure out the design you want. The process can be sped up significantly by ordering pre-cut DIY wedding invites parts and pieces from, still saving some cash but also letting you sidestep some of the more involved steps in putting your invites together as you want them.

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