Thursday, August 16, 2012

Five Keys to Living the Life of My Dreams

John Assarf one of the authors of the best selling book "The Secret" started a frenzy when he told his testimony of how he put a photo of a multi million dollar home on his "vision board" and after a few years of meditating, and focusing on his dreams he eventually moved into the house on his vision board. "The Secret" caused a reading frenzy everyone went out to purchase the book, making it a best-seller, thinking the tips in the book "The Secret" was just that simple. Just put some photos on a poster and look at it daily and you will eventually have the life of your dreams. How about not!!! The life of your dreams can be acquired. But the tips to acquiring the life of your dreams off of your vision board takes a few more steps and keys that John Assarf and the members of The Secret had stated.

Check out 5 steps to producing results AND living the life of your dreams.

Write the Vision and make it plain: Make sure your vision is clear and to the point. The vision board tool works if you are clear about what you want. If you want a certain car put THE car you want not one like it. Make sure your vision is clear and to the point. That's how you produce the desired results.

Believe that you can truly have producing results: John Assarf and the authors of "The Secret" did say to believe. The bible goes a step further it says it may vary but wait for it and it will surly come. It doesn't say it might come it will TRULY. So when it looks like you are NOT producing results and getting the life of your dreams. Keep believing anyhow!

Be Patient: Sometimes people think because they have and know all the keys or steps to take the desired results will instantly happen. Nothing comes to a quitter. To produce the desired results you must be a person that won't give up in the mist of the storm. You must still keep pushing even when it seems to take a long time to getting the life of your dreams.

ACT: Ok so once you keep believing and writing you vision. You begin to make it plain and clear, to produce results and getting the life of your dreams you must ACT on an opportunity. The bible says "faith with out works is dead." So just believing and trusting that your desired results will happen, but NOT acting on the opportunity will NOT help you in any way shape form or fashion. You have to POUNCE on the opportunity to produce results!!

Remain Thankful at ALL times: The last and final step into producing your desired results is to continue to be thankful at all time. See you reap what you sow. If you are always negative and ungrateful, those are the things that will come back to you. But if you are thankful at any and all times. More things to be thankful for will come back to you. The Magic comes with being grateful.

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